We’re Searching Now!

ATA observing now

Pay a virtual visit to the Allen Telescope Array as it sifts the skies looking for a signal that could change the world.  

SETI Institute engineer and observer Jon Richards has crafted a real-time, information-rich website that is the next-best thing to driving to the Cascade Mountains.  You get several video views of the Array’s 42 antennas as they pirouette across the heavens hunting for alien transmissions, and a sky map pinpointing which star system is getting our attention. 

The website is rich with additional information, including activity logs, local weather, and descriptions of how it all works.

There aren’t many scientists that will let you enter their lab or their dome … but here’s your chance to be on the front line of our search for other beings on other worlds. 

It’s like being on the bridge of the Santa Maria, watching Columbus steer his ship westward into the unknown. 

Every day, all day: http://setiquest.info