The SETI Institute Opens Its Doors for Scientific and Technical Consulting


The SETI Institute is making its science staff available for selected commercial and academic consulting assignments. 


SETI Institute Chairman Dan Lankford is heading the effort to match SETI Institute science and scientists with the needs of Silicon Valley innovators. As he sees it, “The breadth and depth of the Institute’s research, combined with its location in the heart of Silicon Valley, make it ideally suited to collaborations with technology companies, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.”

Using the expertise of SETI Institute scientists, the SETI Institute can help tech companies deal with difficult challenges, including complex problem solving, due diligence, and technology scoping and assessment, as well as strategy and roadmap development. The SETI Institute’s science team has expertise in a wide range of research fields and technologies, and has extensive experience in design, development, research, and data analysis in these areas and more; their expertise can be of value to projects that share common science or engineering challenges.

“Our scientists and engineers are recognized leaders in characterizing research problems and developing the means to solve them,” says Bill Diamond, President and CEO of the SETI Institute.  “Their wide-ranging expertise can be highly valuable for commercial and academic projects outside the Institute, and we’re keen to establish such relationships.”

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Dan Lankford
Tel: 650 384-0511