Development of an Elemental Micro-Mapping Instrument Concept

Senior Scientist: Philippe Sarrazin


A proof-of-concept X-ray µ-Mapping Spectrometer was assembled with commercial components. The system is considered to be ~TRL 2.  The goals of this work are to:  

• Conduct imaging experiments to understand the capabilities (and limitations) of the proof-of-concept system,

• Systematically replace commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) parts with custom (but not necessarily flight-like) components to create a breadboard that will yield X-ray data having greater fidelity with the science goals and objectives listed above, 

• Fabricate a XµMS chamber/fixture which will allow us to collect X-ray imaging data on a variety of Mars- and Solar System- relevant materials, and 

• Develop a design for an arm-deployed XµMS brassboard (TRL 4) that would be used as an entry point into the MATISSE program.