SETI Institute is Hiring - Astrobiology and Planetary Science Research Assistant

SETI Institute is seeking a motivated, proactive, and dedicated research Assistant experienced in molecular biology.  The Research Assistant will work on the evolution and ecology of microbes living in modern analogs to early Earth environments in Yellowstone and New Zealand as well as in groundwater contamination plumes at NASA-Ames, an in forest ecosystems.  In addition, the Research Assistant will work in the area of synthetic biology helping to adapt these organisms to the areas of biofuels and environmental restoration.  Experiments will include but not be limited to DNA preps, PCR, cloning, and RT-PCR, as well as exploratory research involving methods such as chromosome walking, directed evolution, and expression cloning in yeast models. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision will be critical in this role. Secondary to the research tasks, the Research Assistant will assist with general laboratory maintenance, including washing glassware, performing lab safety inspections, and coordinating hazardous waste pick-up.  

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