Chile Expedition 2016 Album 3


More fantastic views from Chile

1.Burning the midnight oil at camp under the Milky Way...which is also all lights on! Fabulous austral sky.


2. Flags flying high and proud in the Atacama - The SETI Institute, science leader of the expedition, and Campoalto Operaciones, Chief Logistics.

3. And the show must go on...On our way between Antofagasta and Salar Grande, last week.

4. Absolutely stunning vulture watching us work in the desert. I have a few pictures that follow this one. These birds are incredible. Absolutely regal and very intimidating.

5 Taking flight. Magnificent vulture flying overhead while we were working in the desert...Right now, we are in San Pedro de Atacama and did our first reconnaissance today at El Tatio. Pictures and updates on Site 3 to come soon. 

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