Rosalba Bonaccorsi India Spaceward Bound Expedition - August 6, 2016 (Travel Diary Log)

I am getting ready for the India Spaceward Bound expedition! This is my first ever expedition to India and the first time traveling for 16hours non-stop from San Francisco to New Delhi. While this expedition is going to be a science teachable moment, it will also be a multi-faceted endeavor.

As I departed, I was very tired after a full-night of packing and calibrating science instruments. After being dropped off at SFO, I checked in and collapsed in my plastic seat at the gate. To my delight, Spaceward Bound veteran teacher Michael Wing joined me and will be on the same flight to New Delhi.

It was a LONG ride on the plane.  I did not get a window seat so with nothing to look at outside, I became bored.  I was also too tired to do anything meaningful on my MacBook and eventually I fell asleep for half the flight.

Mike and I arrive in New Delhi mid-afternoon the next day and checked in at our hotel near the airport. It’s no joke that we were security screened before we could even get in the building. Welcome to Delhi!

The security gate at our hotel’s entrance.