Join our Scientist Rosalba Bonaccorsi on her India Spaceward Bound Expedition (9-21 August 2016)

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My name is Rosalba and I am an interdisciplinary environmental scientist. I have worked as an Astrobiologist at the Carl Sagan Center/SETI Institute since 2008 and with scientists at at NASA Ames Research Center since 2005.

I enjoy doing science to advance our understanding of our universe, and to inspire old and new generations of my fellow humans - from any latitude, longitude, and altitude - to pursue happiness through knowledge, exploration, and discovery.

My objective is to achieve a broad picture of where life and its signatures are most successfully distributed, concentrated, preserved, and detected. This knowledge helps us to understand how to search for life beyond Earth.

The SETI Institute is proud to collaborate and support the India Spaceward Bound Expedition starting on August 9, 2016.   This expedition will share with SETI Institute andsSpace explorers enthusiasts the fascinating research that we will conduct while elevating public awareness about planetary analog research taking place on Earth, including associated space missions to the Solar System (such as the Mars Science Lab 2020) and those planned to reach potential life in ocean worlds (e.g., Saturn's icy moon Enceladus).

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Enceladus Ice Geysers 
Credit: Cassini Imaging TeamSSIJPLESANASA