SETI-Ames Dynamics “Lunch" - Fall 2015 Schedule


Fall 2015 Schedule

September 2 Matt Tiscareno (SETI Institute)
Rotational and interior models for Enceladus
September 16 Kevin Zahnle (NASA Ames)
Tethered Moon
September 23 Matija Ćuk (SETI Institute)
Tidal evolution of Saturn's moons
October 7 Jack Lissauer (NASA Ames)
Kepler multiplanet systems
October 14 David Levinson (Space Systems Loral)
The Explorer 1 anomaly
October 21 Rebekah Dawson (UC Berkeley)
Connections among spacing, composition and flatness in super-Earth systems
October 30 Fred Adams (U Michigan)
Kepler compact systems with a focus on WASP-47
November 4 Tony Dobrovolskis (SETI Institute / NASA Ames)
New results on the gravity of ellipsoids
November 18

Discussion: Dynamics at the DPS meeting

December 9 Mark Showalter (SETI Institute)
Dynamics of Pluto's small moons

* This seminar usually meets on Wednesday at 2:30pm in the Blumberg room at the SETI Institute, 189 Bernardo Avenue, Mountain View CA.

Current SETI-Ames Dynamics “Lunch" Schedule